Be Comfortable in Your Home: How to Improve Your Home’s Feng Shui

Be Comfortable in Your Home

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Authentic Classical Feng Shui allows you to tap into positive energies all around and live in harmony with our natural surroundings.  Through the use of principles such as Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star Feng Shui), 24 Mountain personal energy directions, annual affliction energies and other principles, you can enhance your prosperity by making appropriate Feng Shui adjustments/changes within your home.

Start With Feng Shui

When it comes to your home, understanding how energy flows within your house through a Flying Star analysis is critical to allowing you to use all areas most effectively within your home.  Also, understanding which positive energy directions each member of your family should face when sleeping, studying, watching TV and more is vitally important to avoid being hit by negative energies. If you are unsure how to arrange your home, you may require an Authentic Classical Feng Shui consultation. Spirit Mind Body Living’s analysis aims to help you understand how your personal energy interacts with the house’s energy. You can learn to rearrange each room of your home. Contact us for Free Assessment of your Feng Shui needs.

You can also increase its value when you focus on refreshing your home. Following Flying Star analysis guidelines can create a harmonious and stress-free environment that does not only increase its value to you, but if you ever plan to sell, it makes the energy of your home more pleasing to prospective buyers. Pay attention to what buyers may want to boost the property’s value. Likewise, take pictures before and after and keep receipts for your changes.

Create Peace in Your Home

Your home should be your safe space. If your home is full of clutter and disorganization, you may always feel overwhelmed. A decluttered entryway with no large trees or shrubs blocking energy flow into the front door is also an essential part of feng shui. Learn to let go of the things that do not make you happy and do not serve a purpose in your home. While refreshing your home, a flying star feng shui analysis can help you to choose a place where you can be at peace with yourself and enhance the positive energy in the area.

As you declutter, consider digitizing your paper records. When you digitize, you take tangible documents and create digital files that you can store on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. When you digitize paper records, consider using a PDF merging tool. A PDF merging tool allows you to have your documents in one file rather than multiples. It cuts down the time it takes you to find a document. You can move the pages to create the correct order when you combine the files.

Boost the Value of Your Landscape

Landscaping is a critical part of your home’s curb appeal and value. How you decorate your green space can also keep your mind at ease and create a relaxing place for you to spend your time. When it comes to landscaping, there are various jobs you can do on your own. For instance, some people enjoy planting small shrubs or bushes close to their homes.

When improving your outdoor area, make sure you keep your trees pruned. Pruning keeps your trees healthy and green while reducing the number of insects. Look to create a more meandering pathway in your backyard to allow energy to flow more smoothly around trees, shrubs and plants. Consider hiring prescreened tree trimmers to help reduce the risk of limbs falling on your home or electrical lines during a storm. Start your search online to find a local company. Experts suggest that you should begin pruning trees while they are still young.

As you increase the value of your home by paying attention to the principles of feng shui, ensure that you take care of your exterior too. Your trees should always be pruned, for example. Reviving your home can make it more comfortable for you and your family.