Business Energy Analysis

Business and Office Feng Shui & Alignment With Personal Feng Shui

Business/Office Feng Shui analysis allows you to understand how energy flows within your work and how it aligns with your personal Feng Shui energy. To analyze your business Feng Shui energy matrix we use a similar process like in the home called the San Yuan school of practice. We use your business office facing & sitting directions, Feng Shui cycles & periods, Xuan Kong Fei Xing (also known as Flying Star Feng Shui), flying star combinations insights, star enhancing & weakening strategies to enhance your prosperity in your work environment. As with a home, we also integrate with your personal Feng Shui analysis to provide you with proper guidance.

Flying Star Feng Shui Chart SampleTo the right, is a sample of a calculated flying star chart energy matrix that we use to guide our analysis of your office Feng Shui energy.

Once we’ve conducted our analysis, we provide summary insights and diagrams like on the right including the following:

  • Guidance on How Personal Energy Integrates with Office Energy
  • Positive Energy Rooms & Negative Energy Rooms
  • Individual Office Feng Shui Analysis
  • Best Location & Facing Directions for Each Employee
  • Office Remodeling Analysis
  • Feng Shui Analysis for the Conference RoomsFeng Shui Analysis Floorplan Business Sample
  • Suggestions for Enhancing or Weakening Energies
  • Feng Shui Energy Counters & Cures to Remedy Energy Problems

We also take into account the Annual Timing Influences which may cause problems for even your good energy directions for the current or upcoming lunar year.

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